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When using a Gallery Photo on one of your Website Pages, you can specify the display size of the photo. Please note that this does not affect the size of the photo in the Gallery. It is only the photo display size that you feel is appropriate when the photo is placed on the associated web page. If the original photo is smaller than the selected size, it will not be enlarged but will be displayed at the original size.

The sizes are demonstrated here:

  • Large: 350 pixels high
  • Medium: 300 pixels high
  • Small: 250 pixels high
  • Tiny: 200 pixels high

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A Testimony

Jul, 2008

... I had been trying to get a website for more than three years. Well there was the cost. Some companies had quoted more than $5,000 - out of my range. Then domain names. And who was going to set up the site? A couple of months ago I chanced upon READY TO USE WEBSITES, the cost was very reasonable. It was so simple setting up the site and I can manage the content myself. It has my creative juices flowing in my spare time. Rodney has been very prompt in solving all my problems and provides excellent and prompt service. Ready to Use Websites even went to the lengths to create a special style for my furniture business.I am really touched by the service.

Kiran Reddy, Kinis Allied Industries (Labasa, Fiji) - Website

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