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When using a Gallery Photo on one of your Website Pages, you can specify the display size of the photo. Please note that this does not affect the size of the photo in the Gallery. It is only the photo display size that you feel is appropriate when the photo is placed on the associated web page. If the original photo is smaller than the selected size, it will not be enlarged but will be displayed at the original size.

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  • Large: 350 pixels high
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  • Tiny: 200 pixels high

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A Testimony

Sept, 2012

... I would like to say a big 'Thank You' to Rodney Collins for all his help in setting up the website for my new little business. Having worked with Rodney years ago when we both had the same employer, I knew he would do an amazing job and that, as well as Rodney being very talented in his field, his work would be carried out with all the kindness, politeness, patience, and professionalism that was needed. These characteristics were very important for someone like me who is rather technically challenged at times. I love my new website and, through Rodney, have learnt how to manage and update it as required. Thank you again Rodney, I would not think twice about recommending you and Ready-To-Use Websites to other people looking for this service.

Denise Stallard - Happy Pets At Home (Brisbane, Australia) - Website

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