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Rent a Ready-to-Use Website. In the tight financial times that we are currently experiencing any small business would be wise to maximise their sales. Use of the web as an advertising medium must be considered and renting a website can prove much better for operational cash flow than buying outright. Rent a website for 1 week, 1 month, or for the duration of your project!

We, at Ready-to-Use Websites also see the need for 'temporary' websites specifically for your short-term projects, campaigns, surveys, road-shows, etc. There is no need for you to get your own web developers to spend time developing Online Forms or Photo Albums, or BLOGs, or Shop Pages, or Itineraries, etc. a Ready-to-Use Website has those features and more. The low cost of renting a Ready-to-Use Website will prove to be far more economical.

Short-Term Rent Option

Now you can rent a Ready-to-Use Website for 1 week, 1 month, or whatever length of time you want. It's a bit like outsourcing except that the website has already been build for you and you just need to make use of the great features.

So, why would you want a temporary website?

There are many reasons that you may need for a temporary website. Here are just a few:

  • Surveys! You don't have to be a big company or hire a market research team, just use our Online Forms Generator to create online Surveys or Polls to understand what makes your customers tick.
  • Projects! Perhaps you and your team are working on a project that could benefit from a website for the duration of the project. Use the Photo Album for project photos. Use the BLOG for project news. Use the Maps, Videos, or any other great feature.
  • Road Shows! Are you planning a Road Show or Events and your current website has no capacity for this sort of info. Use the Events/Itinerary Page to advertise your events, road show, or public appearances and the Maps Page (and Map Markers) to give directions.
  • Remain Anonymous! You may wish to conduct a survey or poll while remaining anonymous! Your temporary website is hosted under a subdomain such as: 'www dot yournicname dot readytousewebsites dot biz'. Or if you wish to link to the survey from your own website, your temporary website could be called: 'www dot yourname dot readytousewebsites dot biz'.
  • Invest in testing your idea (See below).
  • Whatever the reason, a Short-Term Lease website may be just what you need!

Invest in testing your idea

You have an idea that you believe in. You have received promising feedback from potential customers. One of the best things you can do is to trial your idea first. Why not set up a temporary website at a very low cost to begin testing your idea in order to see if customers are prepared to come and buy. This is no time to launch into a branding campaign that will cost you a fortune. Test your idea first without spending huge amounts.

See how very affordable our website prices are

Price Calculator

Our sign-up page has a Price Calculator that you can use (without having to submit the sign-up form) to calculate the price of both an annual price or short-term lease prices. Price Calculator Here.

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See Other Features

Read about all features here (price Calculator included).

Get Started

To get started! Go to our [Sign Up]. Page and complete and submit the form. This will take you to the Payment Options page where you can pay the annual fee, monthly fee OR the short-term rent amount. (You may wish to first use the calculator to choose which website features you want).

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A Testimony

Feb, 2008

... Having had construst a Web Site for my ministry I was amazed at how quickly the Page was on line. They certainly live up to their motto of being fast and efficient! I was initially a little apprehensive as a "first timer" having to negotiate, change and update the Site myself but was pleasantly surprised to find it very user friendly and flexible. I highly recommend this very reasonably priced service.

Pastor Neill Jakins, Life Freedom Ministries (Folsom, CA, USA) - Website

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