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Sat, Apr 03 2010 23:51:59 PST

How to Get a Professional Website for Free (year after Year)

Follow the link to find out how to get a Professional Website for free (year after year).

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Sun, May 31 2009 01:55:57 PST

FREE 10-Day Ready-to-Use WebsiteTrial

Now you can try a Ready-to-Use Website for 10 days absolutely free with no obligation. That way you will see for yourself exactly how the Content Management Systems works. You will be able to login to your site and upload text, photos, articles, change styles, etc. and see the results displayed immediately.

Follow the link or click the [Get Started] menu option and get tour website trial today!

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Sun, May 31 2009 01:55:57 PST

You are About To Be in the Running to Win a Website

Each month the successful applicant will receive 1 year`s FREE subscription of a Ready-for-Use Website valued at US$395.00

If you are successful, at the end of the 1st year you may optionally renew your website package for just US$95.00. If you do not wish to renew your Ready-to-Use Website after one year, or if during the 1st year, you no longer require our services, we will unlock your Domain Name and provide you with the Transfer Authorisation Code that will enable you to transfer your Domain Name to the register of your choice. Ready-to-Use Websites is NOT an Internet hosting scam because we do not delay, hinder, or prevent you from taking your domain name to another register/host.

Your application will be given full consideration by our panel.

All applicants will be informed of the panel`s decision by email.

If you are not successful in the month that you applied, your application will remain for consideration in the months that follow unless you wish to remove your details.

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Sun, May 31 2009 01:52:51 PST

June 2006 Madness! Ready-to-Use Websites are Half Price

Just for the month of June 2006, Ready-to-Use Websites are HALF PRICE. That's right, the already low price of US$400 has been halved to US$200 for all registrations in June 2006.

The optional annual renewal remains at the normal low price of just US$100.

Sign-up in June 2006 for your very own website including domain name registration, hosting, website with several sections (photo album, shop, itinerary, etc., and a Blog just like this one).

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A Testimony

Aug, 2010

... As a painter, ask me to remove lead paint, sand, putty, prime, clean down, paint etc, and I can do all of it very well. Yet get me to do something with a computer and I will run away screaming. Using Ready-to-Use Websites to get my web site up and running was fantastic, quick and the service and support was incredible. The pre-set styles and page selection options made it so easy, and with Rodney's help, I was able to put together a "one-off" web banner using pictures of properties which I had painted. The gallery which showcases what we've done was so easy to put together yet it looks so professional. I am so pleased with how my site looks, and feel confident I can maintain it for the years to come. I recommend for anyone who wants their own web site and doesn't have a degree in computers, to check out Ready-to-Use Websites.

Mark Starbuck - MP Starbuck Painters (Brisbane, Australia) - Website

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