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Sat, Apr 10 2010 00:00:00 PST

The story behind Ready-to-Use Websites

The story behind Ready-to-Use Websites is this: I needed a website. I got quotes to have a website designed and built. Those quotes ranged from $3,000 to $12,000. What small or start-up business can afford prices like that and who can wait for weeks or months to have a costly website built?

I decided to build my own website. Having a background as an application developer I was in a good position to do so and I swithched over to coding XHTML (and CSS, PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, XML, AJAX, etc. if these names have any meaning to you). I built my own website and to my surprise (even though it may not have looked very professional), I started to get paid work selling stock photographs at that time.

Then I thought of helping others establish an Internet presence by providing them with domain name registration, hosting, and websites at an affordable price. To keep it affordable, I developed a concept whereby every website would be based on the same code-base or framework but with every website looking different because the site-owner selects a style, selects features, and of course uploads their own content (text, images, articles, links, etc.)

Right from the start when our product was as rough as sandpaper (not really, but it wasn't as good as it is now), we encouraged feedback and listened to our site-owner's suggestions and we have made big improvements to the product and have added many new features. We will continue to work toward providing an excellent product at an affordable price as well as providing excellent support and assistance to our site-owners so that their businesses and ventures succeed.

At R&N Collins, we can develop custom built websites and web applications if needed. We can provide hosting and domain name registration meaning that you don't need to shop around for those services if we build your website.

We have developed an awesome product, a Ready-to-Use Website that is easy, fast, affordable, and well, uhm.. ready-to-use. Read about it here or on our website.

Rodney Collins

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Sun, Apr 04 2010 00:53:40 PST

Ready-to-Use Websites. New Affordable Pricing Structure

Ready-to-Use Websites are now even more affordable. See the [Features & Prices] Page and use the Price Calculator to see just how affordable our websites are.

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Sun, Apr 04 2010 00:39:38 PST

Ready-to-Use Websites are Recruiting Affiliates

Becoming a Ready-to-Use Websites Affiliate is quick and easy. No joining fees. Generous commission. Join today. Click the link to read all about it!

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Sun, May 31 2009 02:05:39 PST

Ready-to-Use Websites Offer More for a Small Fraction of the Price of its Competitors

A search on the Internet for ready to use websites will find several sites offering web templates that require the buyers to code up their websites, find their own hosting, register their own domain name, etc.

Some sites, such as Ready-for-Use Websites, found at, sell ready to use websites that include hosting, domain name registration, and a website. On inspection of various such sites offering ready to use websites, it was discovered that some contain up to 5 pages with 10 images, that are designed by the seller. One such site offered a content-management module as an add-on.

Our Ready-to-Use Websites product includes a browser-based, content-management web-application as standard. The buyer manages the entire content herself from anywhere in the world.

Let us compare prices from one of our competitors (an Australian site):
Hosting, Domain Name Registration, Website with 5 pages and 10 photos designed by the seller: AUD$495 PLUS $29.95 per month. Content Management ADD-ON: AUD$395 PLUS $29.95 per month. The total for one year is AUD$1608.80 (approx US$1217.00). Annual renewal was not mentioned on their site.

Ready-for-Use Websites Price:
Hosting, Domain Name Registration, Website with 11 or more pages (described here:, Browser-based, Content Management web-application: US$195 for the first year. Annual renewal is US$100.

This is a fraction of the price of a competitor offering a similar product.

Our Ready-to-Use Websites are fully functional, content-management, sites that enable you to establish an Internet presence for a very economical price.

Added: 01 August 2006. I noticed another site offering template-based websites. They offer prices starting from only $249* for a basic 5 page web site. The price includes six minor changes each year. These changes are made by the host, not by the site owner. Our sites (Ready-to-Use Websites) offer you unlimited online content management by you the site owner using your browser anywhere in the world.

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Sun, May 31 2009 02:01:39 PST

Rent a Ready-to-Use Website for a Short-Term

Surveys! You don't have to be a big company or hire a market research team. Rent a Ready-to-Use Website for the duration of your research and create an online form (survey, poll, or questionnaire) to understand what makes your customers tick.

Projects! Do you have a project that could benefit from a temporary website? Rent a Ready-to-Use Website for the duration of your project.

Road Show or upcoming Events! Rent a Ready-to-Use Website and use the Events Page to list your events, shows, or public appearances. Use the Google Maps feature to show details of the venues.

Invest in testing your idea. You have an idea that you believe in. You have received promising feedback from potential customers. One of the best things you can do is to trial your idea first. Why not set up a temporary website at a very low cost to begin testing your idea in order to see if customers are prepared to come and buy. This is no time to launch into a branding campaign that will cost you a fortune. Test your idea first without spending huge amounts.

Rent a Ready-to-Use Website for 1 week, 1 month, or any length of time for any purpose.

Visit our [Get Started] Page and use the Price Calculator to see how very affordable our annual and rent prices are.

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Sun, May 31 2009 02:01:39 PST

Sell Advertising Space on your Ready-to-Use Website

Our Ready-to-Use Websites now have the option to sell advertising space in the form of small Banner-Ads on each website page. As the site-owner you set up some prices for 'units' (Day, Week, Month, and Year) and the buyer will choose a 'unit', enter a quantity and pay the calculated cost.

The buyer will enter a website address and an image address (for the actual banner) and the banner-ads will start to display (after approval by you the site-owner) on your website.

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Sun, May 31 2009 01:59:34 PST

Ready-to-Use Websites has added several new styles


At Ready-to-Use Websites, new website styles (a.k.a. 'skins') are continually being added. Site-owners now have more style choices. Having said that, if you are thinking of purchasing a Ready-to-Use Website and do not see a style that suits your business or website theme, please contact us and we can develop a theme based on your suggestions. The image here is just one sample of some recently added styles.

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Sun, May 31 2009 01:59:34 PST

Ready-to-Use Websites now with an Online Forms Generator

Create your own Polls, Surveys, and Questionnaires with the Online Form Generator now added to Ready-to-Use Websites. Create as many Forms as you want and add the Form Elements (fieldsets, text fields, text areas, radio button groups, checkboxes, pick-lists, etc.), test the forms yourself and then publish them to your website's Questionnaire Page.

Are you doing research into any subject? Are you an author doing research for a book or a series of articles? Design your online forms to assist with your research and watch the responses roll in.

Get your Ready-to-Use Website today and be online almost instantly!

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Sun, May 31 2009 01:56:55 PST

Announcing New Ready-to-Use Features

We have added four great new features to the Ready-to-Use Website package. Check out the [Features] menu option or follow the link beneath this entry to read about the new features. There is a new Member Area that enables you the site-owner of a Ready-to-Use Website to attract paid members who them get to buy your products and services at special member prices.

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Sun, May 31 2009 01:55:57 PST

New Feature: Digital Shop

We have introduced a brand new feature to our Ready-to-Use Websites. The Digital Shop is where you, the site-owner, upload your Digital Products (eBooks, Photo or Art Posters, Music, Videos, Articles, etc.) and optionally a cover photo or each Digital Product. Your customers purchase the products on-line and as soon as their payment is processed, they are presented with a webpage containing the download links for the products they have purchasd.

This is a great opportunity for you to sell your Digital Products and everything is automated. You do not need to post or deliver anything manually. Money can land in your PayPal account while you sleep - and your customer gets the product downloads instantly.

This new feature is available to current site-owners and of course to new site-owners who purchase a Ready-to-Use Website.

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Jul, 2008

... I had been trying to get a website for more than three years. Well there was the cost. Some companies had quoted more than $5,000 - out of my range. Then domain names. And who was going to set up the site? A couple of months ago I chanced upon READY TO USE WEBSITES, the cost was very reasonable. It was so simple setting up the site and I can manage the content myself. It has my creative juices flowing in my spare time. Rodney has been very prompt in solving all my problems and provides excellent and prompt service. Ready to Use Websites even went to the lengths to create a special style for my furniture business.I am really touched by the service.

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